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The decision to construct, remodel or build an addition onto your home can be daunting. Riddle Builders understands the trust you’re placing in our skilled craftsmen when you choose us to do work in your most valued asset.

Highest possible quality and constructrion

Whether you’re building a new home, adding onto your existing home or just remodeling, Riddle Builders gives you the peace of mind to know that the end result will be everything you want in your home.


From conception to completion, our team is there every step of the way to show you how you can get everything you want and need out of your new home


Whether you’re looking for a new kitchen, want to update that master bathroom, or are ready to go all out on a stud-wall remodel, we help guide you through the process

ADDITIONS and more…

There comes a time when you need more space, the space you have just isn’t working, or you want that certain something you just can’t put your finger on. Trust Riddle Builders, a leader in Northeast Louisiana home remodeling.

Residential Remodeling Made Easy

It’s important that your home express who you are. But if you think about it, you aren’t who you were when you moved into that house. If you can change, shouldn’t your house, too?

Space Needs Change

You’ve lived in your home long enough to know what most homeowners know: over time, needs and desires change. Perhaps the kitchen isn’t as user-friendly as it once was. Or maybe the living room could stand to be just a little more comfortable.


Remodeling is about more than just paint and floors. It’s about taking your existing design and modernizing it, bringing into your living space the amenities you want. Our team leads you step-bypstep through this process. The outcome speaks for itself.


Your home is special, sacred even, but that doesn’t mean you don’t want more from your home. And Riddle Builders understands how to take your home to the next level. Whether it’s an updated kitchen, a new master en suite, or a total home makeover, we know remodeling.


If you’re ready to bring more into your existing home, contact us today to find out what Riddle Builders can do for you.

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Build the Addition You’ve Always Wanted

Space needs change. Families welcome new additions and sometimes, we just need more room for our stuff. Riddle Builders is there when you’ve outgrown your home to help grow your house. Additions pose a unique set of challenges for builders. There are constraints of style, building techinque, and space. Making your new addition a visually stunning and functional part of your home is our specialty. Take a look at what Riddle Builders can do for you. We’re waiting to hear from you!

Monroe New Home Construction

You’ve decided to build your dream house. The mortgage is in place, you have an idea. Now you need a builder. Now in our 23rd year, Riddle Builders is ready to help your dream become a reality. We work with architects, craftsmen and interior designers so that, from groundbreaking to moving in, you have the peace of mind that only decades of homebuilding experience can provide. To find out just how right Riddle Builders is for you, drop us a note and let’s begin the journey to your dream home together.

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